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Saturday, March 10, 2007


iTunes tip: Burn randomized CD of playlist

Please read: This post is out-dated. iTunes has changed. These instructions no longer work.

( I would figure out the new way to do it, but I don't have a CD-burner anymore. Sorry. )

The task:
  • I want to burn a bunch of random CDs to put in my car changer
The problem:
  • When I select my playlist and hit "shuffle" the tracks stay in order, and when I click "burn CD", the tracks are burned in order.
  • I want chaos!
The solution:
  1. Create a new smart playlist. (File -> New Smart Playlist)
  2. Add the playlist I want randomized to the New Smart Playlist
  3. Shuffle it (Controls -> Shuffle).
Now the songs in the smart playlist will rearrange themselves, and the discs will burn shuffled.

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Thanks man for posting this. Been banging my head trying to figure this out. At least you helped one person! :)
At least two now... :-)
Well said.
Thanks a lot!! A friend of mine asked me about this, and now we both know, in addition to the previous three.
This was helpful to me, too-- Thanks for the info--
Thanks for the comments, everyone. This is easily the most popular thing I've ever written.
Thanks man! Now my 90s playlist is ready to melt some faces :D
Thanks for the tips :-)
Well done
Awesome! Thanks!
How do I add the playlist to the New Smart Playlist? I can not drag the playlist of songs to the New Smart Playlist either by Select All or list to list, with or without Ctrl + left click. The symbol as I try to click and drag is a Zero with a slant across it instead of the +.
Hmm. This didn't work for me. The disc still burned in order.
likewise,,its still burning in order..
Create your playlist and with your playlist selected click on the column to the far left with the numbers in it. Once this column is selected click on the shuffle button in the bottom left corner and you songs will now be shuffled.
maybe those still having the cd burn in order are doing something wrong. Did you all make sure the random option was checked?
Helped me too. Thanks!!
nice one! thanks!!
Thanks a lot for this tip ! I was searching for it for a long time !
This did not work for me, so i just adjusted the list to arrange them by file size and it was random enough for me. plus this way all those longer end of album epics are near the end so that's cool.
It's not working, sorry! Is this supposed to work in iTunes 11? Because that's what I have, and it's not working. I'd really like to know what's going wrong! :(
Yup, it looks like this doesn't work in ITunes 11. If anybody figures out how to do it, post a comment and I'll update the post.

Thanks for the feedback :)
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